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If you are interested in becoming an NCBVA Certified Plant or renewing your certification, please email us.  

NCBVA certification is currently renewable every 5 years. The schedule for certification is based on certification date and geographic location. All certifications will be conducted by a Concrete Specialist. Certification certificates are mailed twice a year.

Areas observed during a certification visit include maintenance and cleanliness, production, employee safety, and concrete load testing (performed by third-party testing facility). 

In order to be added to the certification schedule, plant must be an active member of the NCBVA (up to date with dues). 

Plant certifications are $1500 per site. For non-Doric plants, fees to be paid by site (not dealer). For Doric plants, fees are direct billed to Doric. With the exception of the $125 cylinder, prices for a plant revisit for additional concrete cylinder testing starts at $450 based on location, travel expenses, and availability of an inspector in the area.

Download the NCBVA Standards Manual for Plant Certifications.

Meet our Concrete Specialists

Certification Schedule

 Deihl Vault and Precast Inc. Orangeville, PA07/26/2024
 Evans Burial Vaults Leola, PA07/25/2024
 Esterly Burial Vault Company Sinking Springs, PA07/24/2024
 Pennsylvania Vault Company  Johnstown, PA07/23/2024
 Northwest PA Burial Vault Cochranton, PA07/22/2024
 Ideal Burial Vault Corfu, NY07/17/2024
 Bucher Burial Vault Services  Aurora, IL 04/26/2024
 Southern Ohio Vault Co.
 Portsmouth, OH 04/25/2024
 Minnick Services Fort Wayne, IN 04/24/2024
 Washington Wilbert  Laurel, MD  01/30/2024
 Rex Vault  Newton, IL  12/08/2023
 Lake Shore Burial Vault  Lannon, WI  12/07/2023
 Rex Vault  Odon, IN  12/06/2023
 Rex Vault  Woodson, IL  12/05/2023
 Atlas Concrete Products  Orlando, FL  10/26/2023
 North Florida Vaults  Lake City, FL  10/25/2023
 Whitman Vault Company  Whitman, MA  09/14/2023
 Memphis Burial Vault Company  Memphis, TN  06/21/2023
 Doric of Tennessee, Inc.  Cowan, TN  06/20/2023
 Carolina Doric   Florence, SC  04/18/2023
 Hairfield Vault   Morganton, NC  03/28/2023
 Arnold Wilbert   Goldsboro, NC  03/16/2023
 Warga Concrete Products  Fort Wayne, IN  11/30/2022
 Crummitt & Son Vault Corp.  Martins Ferry, OH  11/29/2022
 Huntingburg Vault Company  Huntingburg, IN  10/28/2022
 Wimmer Manufacturing  New Castle, IN  10/27/2022
 Wayne Burial Vault  Indianapolis, IN  10/26/2022
 Superior Vault  Charlestown, IN  10/25/2022
 Chesapeake Burial Vault  Barclay, MD  08/16/2022
 American Vaults  Cleveland, OH  03/24/2022
 Baumgardner Products  Akron, OH  11/18/2021
 Turner Vault Company  Northwood, OH  11/16/2021
 Doric Vault of Western New York  Buffalo, NY  07/16/2021
 Concrete Vault  Newton, KS  01/11/2021
 Omaha Wilbert Vault  Omaha, NE  10/22/2020
 Baxter Vault Company  Baxter Springs, KS  10/20/2020
 Wicomico Vault  Salsbury, MD  02/27/2020
 Babylon Vault  New Windsor, MD  02/25/2020
 Richards-Wilbert  Woodsboro, MD  01/16/2020
 Superior Tank  Bryantown, MD  01/15/2020
 Golden Eagle Vault Services  Rocky Mount, VA  01/14/2020
 Ideal Burial Vault  Corfu, NY  12/23/2019
 Watts Vault  Des Moines, IA  11/21/2019
 Welte Vault  Danbury, IA  11/20/2019
 Bruns Doric   St. Louis, MO  11/19/2019
 T & C Precast  Henderson, TX  10/31/2019
 TexSet (Doric Texas)  Justin, TX  10/30/2019
 C & M Precast  Kerrville, TX  10/29/2019
 Wilbert Vaults of Houston  Houston, TX  10/28/2019
 Minnick Services  Ft. Wayne, IN  10/25/2019
 Fond du Lac Wilbert Vault Corp.  Fond du Lac, WI  09/27/2019
 Vanden Boomen Burial Vaults  Appleton, WI  09/26/2019
 Vanden Boomen Burial Vaults  Wausau, WI  09/25/2019
 Wieser Doric Vaults  LaCrescent, MN  09/24/2019
 Hardy Doric  Chelmsford, MA  09/24/2019
 MG Vaults  Rushmore, MN  09/23/2019
 Northwest PA Burial Services  Cochranton, PA  07/26/2019
 Pennsylvania Vault Company  Greensburg, PA  07/25/2019
 Deihl Vault  Orangeville, PA  07/24/2019
 Esterly Burial Vault Company  Reading, PA  07/23/2019
 Evans Eagle Burial Vaults  Leola, PA  07/22/2019
 Bucher Burial Vault
 North Bend, OH
 Baxter Burial Vault  Cincinnati, OH  03/14/2019
 Southern Ohio Vault  Portsmouth, OH  03/13/2019
 Youngstown Burial Vault                Youngstown, OH  03/11/2019
 Rex Vault and Mausoleum Service  Newton, IL   11/30/2018
 Perfection Vault Company  Woodson, IL   11/30/2018
 Prairieland Funeral Supply   Morton, IL  11/28/2018
 Lake Shore Burial Vault  Brookfield, WI   11/27/2018
 Atlas Concrete Products   Orlando, FL  04/18/2018
 Southern Vault Services  Blakely, GA  04/13/2018
 Doric Vault of Central GA  Griffin, GA  04/12/2018
 Carolina Doric  Effingham, SC    04/11/2018
 Arnold Wilbert  Goldsboro, NC  04/10/2018
 Hairfield Vault  Valdese, NC  04/09/2018
 Simerly Concrete  Bristol, TN  03/29/2018
 Simerly Vault Inc.  Knoxville, TN  03/28/2018
 Doric of Tennessee  Nashville, TN  03/27/2018
 Memphis Vault Company  Memphis, TN  03/26/2018

Certification Cancellation Policy


    In Memory:

    Craig Robert Anderson, NCBVA Concrete Specialist
    August 10, 1951 - October 12, 2021

    With hands held in warmth and heart enveloped in love, Craig Robert Anderson passed away peacefully at his home in Saugatuck, Michigan on Tuesday, October 12, 2021. View Full Obituary.

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